Unlimited renewable fuel supply from water, carbon dioxide and solar energy

Turning sunlight into renewable aviation fuel

SUN-to-LIQUID project at COP25 in Madrid Spain

The SUN-to-LIQUID project was showcased by the IMDEA Research Institute at COP25 in December 2019, communicating about sustainable aviation fuel for future.

SUN-to-LIQUID broadcasted in Televisión Española (TVE1), programme “Vuelos insostenibles” #Unsustainable Flights #Sustainableaviationfuels #Solarfuel

 #SUNtoLIQUID has successfully completed the solar fuel production campaign by splitting CO2 & water at 1500ºC!Transforming the future of the aviation sector. The SUNtoLIQUID approach uses concentrated solar energy to synthesize liquid hydrocarbon fuels from H2O and CO2.

Solar fuel produced in SUN-to-LIQUID project


#DIACAT Symposium final podium discussion. 2nd Keynote from Christoph Falter, Bauhaus Luftfahrt, on CO2 for synthetic fuels #SUN-to-LIQUID

 Christoph Falter (#BauhausLuftfahrt) on CO2 for synthetic fuels. #SUNtoLIQUID


Manuel Romero from @IMDEA_Energia presented the #SUNtoLIQUID project results at the prestigious #SolarWorldCongress 2019 in Chile. @ISES_Solar #aviationfuels #solarenergy

MRomero at Solar World Congress 2019 in Chile

Renewable fuel for aircraft: The research project SUN-to-LIQUID was featured in ZDF heute in Europa.

SUN-to-LIQUID partners (ARTTIC and BHL) presented the project at the inauguration of Solar Reactor facility at ETH Zürich held on June 19. 2019.

To showcase this achievement SUN-to-LIQUID Demonstration Event was organised at the solar fuel facility in Móstoles (Spain).


Demonstration of the solar themochemical research facility in operation

Presentation about Synthetic fuels for the aviation 

SUN-to-LIQUID project work will be presented at the Fachkongress SolarChemieR. This congress is organized to present and discuss the potential of solar chemistry, the current research activities and the challenges for their commercialization. Bauhaus Luftfahrt, the Coordinating partner of the project will be extend the motivation behind SUN-to-LIQUID project i.e. emphasis on the continued need for fuels in aviation, updates on the project status and system analysis. 

- SUN-to-LIQUID project team

SUN-to-LIQUID project factsheet published after the second reporting period

Members of the SUN-to-LIQUID project consortiumSUN-to-LIQUID project consortium met for general assembly meeting to share the updates about project activities and discuss the outlook for last year of the project. The meeting was held at the DLR facility in Jülich which hosts a unique solar simulator. The meeting participants had the chance to visit this research facility as well.

Stylianos Kyrimis from DLR presenting the poster at the SolarPACES conference

SUN-to-LIQUID project members participated in the SolarPACES conference held between October 2-5, 2018 in Casablanca, Morocco.

Members of the SUN-to-LIQUID consortium presented the advances achieved in the project. Various posters and scientific articles were presented during the conference.



SUNto-LIQUID Scientific workshop

SUN-to-LIQUID Scientific workshop was organized on October 10-12, 2018 at IMDEA Energy Institute in Móstoles. Over 60 participants from 12 countries participated in the event.

We thank all the participants and speakers for their active participation and valuable contibutions in making the wokshop a big success. 

Please find detailed information about the event here

Bauhaus Luftfahrt will be at the ILA Future Lab Forum “Sustainable aviation fuels” on 26.4.2018! To see the first probe of solar kerosene from the SOLAR-JET project, visit them at 10:15-11:15, Hall 2 – 204.

It is our pleasure to annouce the SUN-to-LIQUID Summer School which will take place in June, 25th-29th, at IMDEA Energy Institute in Móstoles, Spain.

Please click on "read more" for further information and for the pre-registration please visit the site of IMDEA Energy.

The preceding EU project SOLAR-JET succeeded to produce the first solar kerosene via solar-thermochemical redox cycles. This achievement was one more highlighted by SolarPACES, the CSP News & Analysis Article is available here!

The scientific publications issued in the framework of the FP7 project SOLAR-JET can be found on the project public website:

http://www.solar-jet.aero/page/media-centre/scientific-publications.php .

SOLAR-JET is the the EU-project which preceded SUN-to-LIQUID and demonstrated the first-ever solar thermochemical kerosene production from H2O and CO2 in a laboratory environment.