ARTTIC International Management Services

ARTTIC is the leading European group providing consultancy and management services to international technology-related partnerships. ARTTIC provides services related exclusively to the set-up and management of European RTD collaborations, and has expertise in new materials and microelectronics, Security, IT, telecommunications, transport, education, health, bio-technologies, automotive industry, aeronautics, industrial technologies. The company has been successfully managing large-scale RTD projects since 1987, including more than 250 RTD projects and networks during previous framework programmes. ARTTIC staff has extensive experience and knowledge in various R&D fields, especially in the Energy and Transport areas.

Role in the project

ARTTIC has two main responsibilities in the project and is involved in WP7 and WP8: ARTTIC will coordinate and practically support dissemination and communication actions. ARTTIC will be responsible for the elaboration of the dissemination and communication plan, the production of dissemination material (leaflet, public website, etc.), and the organisation of project dissemination events, such as the SUN-to-LIQUID open workshop.
Furthermore, ARTTIC will be in charge of the Project Office. ARTTIC will provide the methods and tools to support the collaboration within the consortium and to manage the project. It will support the consortium in daily management and administrative tasks to ensure the collaboration is working efficiently, the project is properly monitored and decisions and actions are prepared and taken according to the project progress. ARTTIC will provide methods, tools and operational support for the collaboration within the consortium and to simplify as much as possible the work of the R&D staff.

Personnel involved

Dr. Martin Dietz: Project management of small and large projects in FP6 and in FP7 in different domains. In addition Martin sets up new projects, manages the Munich branch of ARTTIC and coordinates the activities in Germany. Martin holds a PhD (Dr. rer. nat.) degree in Molecular Biology.
Justine Curtit: Responsible for the daily management of  several FP7 and H2020 projects mainly in the Aeronautics and including SUN-to-LIQUID. She has been involved in the preparation and negotiation of successful FP7 and H2020 proposals. Before integrating ARTTIC, Justine worked for the EU-China IPR2 Project and as consultant for the EPO Academy where she developed and implemented IP awareness-raising actions targeting Academics.