Abengoa Energía

Abengoa is a world leader in the development of innovative technology solutions for a sustainable development. The core objective is to generate knowledge and promote its applications in the field of energy and sustainable development. Abengoa organizes its research, development and innovation into the following areas: materials and nanotechnology, fluid mechanics, mechanics of solids and structures, thermal engineering, process engineering, biotechnology and biomass, and electrical networks.

Role in the project

Abengoa is mainly involved in WP4 and WP5 and leads the activities devoted to the implementation of thermal management within the solar reactor. WP5 will cover conceptual design study of a Mega-Watt plant, based on data obtained for the 50 kW reactor. Abengoa will develop a plant concept for a solar tower dedicated to thermochemical fuel production. In addition AE will play an important role in the economic and risk assessment of the SUN-to-LIQUID technology (WP1). 

Personnel involved

Mr. Antón lópez Román graduated in Energy Engineering, specialized in Thermal Energy Systems and CSP tower plants. He has professional expertise in simulation and optimization software. He is currently work at the Engineering Dpt / Solar Area / Tower Group in Abengoa Energia.

Cristina Prieto started her career in 1998 as junior researcher in the department of Energy in the School of Engineering in Seville (Spain). From 1999 to 2006, she worked in Totalfina Elf like Process Engineer where she was in charge of the process optimization of the petrochemical facilities and utilities in order to guarantee the performance and production of the plants. Working in parallel in the development of new technologies focused on energy saving production plants as well as studies to improve the operability or their quality. From 2006 to 2010 she worked at Abengoa Solar as project manager in charge of parabolic trough collector and storage projects. Responsible of the design, construction and startup of demonstration plant for the evaluation of trough and thermal storage development. She is now Director of the Research Area of thermal storage technology and heat transfer fluids at  Abengoa Research.