SUN-to-LIQUID Scientific Workshop

Location: IMDEA Energy Institute in Móstoles

The workshop aimed at the exchange of knowledge and dissemination of the project results to selected industrial and scientific experts. It was meant to present an updated vision and promote discussion on the development of solar-driven technologies via the three main conversion routes (electrochemical, thermochemical and photochemical) or combinations of them.

Distinguished speakers provided lectures on recent developments. Members of the SUN-to-LIQUID consortium presented the advances achieved in the project. The workshop also included a visit of the solar thermochemical research facility (IMDEA, supported by all partners). 

Participants also presented their activities and developments at a specific poster session and actively commented, provided inputs during the round table and technical discussions.


See the workshop programme, for more details about the event. 

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We thank all the participants and speakers for their active participation and valuable contibutions in making the wokshop a big success. 

the SUN-to-LIQUID team