Bauhaus Luftfahrt

Bauhaus Luftfahrt is an interdisciplinary non-profit research institution of the four aerospace companies Airbus Group, Industrieanlagen-Betriebsgesellschaft (IABG), Liebherr-Aerospace and MTU Aero Engines supported by the Bavarian Ministry for Economic Affairs, Media, Energy and Technology. The team of around 35 scientists researches the energy, technology, engineering, operations and knowledge management innovation potentials for the long-term future of mobility in general and the future of air travel in particular. With a time horizon beyond 2035, research at Bauhaus Luftfahrt is based on a holistic approach that combines different disciplines for technical, economic, social and ecological analysis of future concepts and integrated solutions.

Role in the project

BHL coordinates the SUN-to-LIQUID project and is consequently assigned to WP7 and WP8. BHL is also in charge of most interdisciplinary system analysis tasks of the project. In particular BHL will lead WP1 Techno-economic and environmental performance analysis and WP6 Synthesis of results, impact, recommendations and perspectives; furthermore BHL contributes to WP5 Conceptual design study: Mega-watt-scale high-flux solar plant. The SUN-to-LIQUID consortium involves several members of the FP7 project SOLAR-JET, among them BHL with its key personnel, with whom BHL is a contributor to various technology-, economy- and ecology-related analysis tasks of the solar thermochemical fuel path. To the SUN-to-LIQUID consortium BHL also contributes the perspective of a technology-neutral end-user of nextgeneration sustainable alternative fuel. In this context, BHL will set techno-economic and environmental performance targets and analyse related technology gaps, which need to be addressed by current and future research. In a joint effort with the consortium, BHL will synthesize the results and formulate a roadmap towards achieving the future technological potential.

Personnel involved

Dr. Andreas Sizmann received his doctorate degree (Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich, 1992) and Habilitation (1999) in physics. Dr. Andreas Sizmann is Head of “Future Technologies and Ecology of Aviation” at Bauhaus Luftfahrt and coordinated the FP7 SOLAR-JET project. He brings 25 years of R&D experience from academia and industry to the team. Dr. Sizmann served as member of the Working Group “Protecting the Environment and the Energy Supply” to establish the SRIA of The Advisory Council for Aviation Research and Innovation in Europe (ACARE) and served as member of the Expert Group „Sustainable Alternative Fuels for Aviation“ (SUSTAF) of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).
Dr. Valentin Batteiger received his doctorate degree in physics in 2011 from the Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich. As a researcher at Bauhaus Luftfahrt he focuses on renewable fuels assessment and energy technologies for aviation.
Christoph Falter received his master degree in mechanical engineering beginning of 2011 from the ETH Zurich. During his study he specialized on renewable energies with focus on solar hydrogen. From 2011, Christoph Falter is a PhD student at Bauhaus Luftfahrt with a research focus on solar thermochemistry.