Unlimited renewable fuel supply from water, carbon dioxide and solar energy

Last published on Jan 31, 2020
As the sustainable production potential of biofuels is limited, radically different non-biomass non-fossil fuel production pathways must be developed. SUN-to-LIQUID develops a technology that has the potential to meet the future renewable fuel demand with a high potential for greenhouse gas emission reduction. The primary result of SUN-to-LIQUID is the scale-up and experimental demonstration of the production of solar liquid hydrocarbon fuels. The project advanced the technology from the 4-kW setup in the laboratory to the field at a pre-commercial 50-kW scale.

SUN-to-LIQUID hydrocarbon fuel is produced from the abundant feedstocks H2O, CO2 and solar energy without the conflict of using arable land. Therefore, in the long term it may have a profound positive impact on the energy supply security worldwide. The solar fuel minimizes the carbon footprint of e.g. aviation and promotes the socio-economic development of indigent regions with high levels of sunlight and dry, non-arable land.

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