HyGear Technology & Services B.V.

HyGear Technology & Services B.V. is a Dutch SME with focus on development and manufacturing of small scale gas processing plants and purification systems. It has developed and is commercially offering on-site hydrogen generators, and customer specific gas purification systems for industrial applications. HyGear’s major assets as partner in international cooperative projects are engineering skills, prototyping capabilities, flexibility and possibility to deal with changes and HyGear’s mission to move small scale chemical plants to market entry. Small scale Gas-to-Liquid (Fischer-Tropsch) units for flare-gas/associated gas conversion are under development at HyGear among other several new technologies. It has just finished a €12,9M Dutch technology development project on small scale Gas-to-Liquid technology development and considers commercializing in the coming years.
HyGear Technology & Services B.V. is part of the HyGear group including daughter companies HyGear B.V. (HYG) and HyGear Fuel Cell Systems B.V. (HFCS). HyGear B.V. and High Gear Fuel Cell Systems B.V. are involved in the project as third parties contributing with process and technology experts.

Role in the project

As commercial entity interested in the valorization of the technology, HyGear is mainly involved in the total system design and gas-to-liquid plant demonstration. It is also active in the LCA with a focus on the economic assessment and business plan of the total system.
HT&S together third parties (HYG and HFCS) will design, manufacture and test the pilot GtL reactor. HT&S will lead the design, manufacturing and demonstration of the GtL-plant. HT&S together third parties (HYG and HFCS) will design, manufacture and test the prototype reactor.

Personnel involved

Dr. Ellart de Wit has an extensive knowledge of gas generation and purification. In his role of responsible for all technology developments within HyGear he will supervise the technical developments in the project.
Dr. Dick Lieftink has many years of experience on gas conversion and has been in charge of HyGear’s Gas-to-Liquid development program for several years. He is leading the technical project for HyGear as Project Manager and catalyst expert.